Unlocking Medical Innovation with Micro-Precision Metal Components.

No other metal manufacturing process can meet Trio's precision, speed, cost, and quality.

Trio Labs' mission is to improve lives by enabling the next generation of medical devices. Trio fabricates precision metal parts with unmatched fine resolution and low cost using proprietary processes and tools that scale seamlessly from prototyping though high volume manufacturing. The patent-pending Resin Infused Powder Lithography (RIPL) process reduces costs and manufacturing times for existing products, and enables wholly new solutions in a wide range of medical device markets. Previously impossible devices and components are made routine by RIPL, including less invasive higher precision surgical tools, miniaturized infusion pumps, microneedle arrays, drug delivery devices, orthopedic implants, and more.

Unsurpassed Precision

Existing high-speed technologies can only produce rough parts that require expensive finishing in order to be functional. Trio's RIPL systems can produce high precision, finished, functional parts while maintaining production speeds. Parts directly meet the physical requirements of the majority of medical devices, eliminating costly post processing.

Design Flexibility

Additive Manufacturing has long been a favorite of design engineers for its ability to produce complex geometries. RIPL brings this design flexibility to a production level, allowing for previously impossible devices to be made in high volume.

Speed, speed, speed

RIPL digital fabrication eliminates week and month-long design cycles with rapid prototyping and near-zero startup cost. Best of all, prototypes and production parts are made the same way, eliminating time consuming and expensive transfer to volume manufacturing.

Resin Infused Powder Lithography (RIPL)

RIPL was designed from the ground up to address unmet needs in the medical device industry, providing ultra precision small metal parts with rapid turnaround, serving needs from single prototypes to million-part manufacturing runs. RIPL breaks the speed and expense barriers posed by existing CNC micro-machining. It uses industry-standard metal and ceramic powders as used used by Metal Injection Molding (MIM), but in a true Additive Manufacturing Process, combining all the benefits of 3D Printing with the speed of MIM and the precision of CNC. Feature Precision of 5 microns and fine surface finish are achieved without the need for additional post-processing. Prototypes can be shipped within 24 hours and high volume runs use the same process, simplifying development and manufacturing.

High Precision
High Speed
Design Flexibility


Industrial Grade Materials

RIPL is fundamentally compatible with any alloy or ceramic currently used in Powder Injection Molding (PIM).

Stainless 17-4 Titanium 6-4
Stainless 316/316L Alumina
Stainless 410 Zirconia
Stainless 420 Tungsten Carbide
Stainless 440c Silicon Nitride
Stainless 15-5 Silicon Carbide

Stainless steels, carbon steels, tool steels, bronze, copper, titanium, alumina, zirconia, and many other materials can be printed by RIPL with the same high level of detail and precision. Custom alloys and emerging new materials can also be quickly adopted by RIPL. Trio's unique processing also results in industry-leading final part density and mechanical properties, closely matching bulk properties.



Management Team

We are unlocking 3D printing technology for high volume production.

Trio Labs' engineers, leaders, and management team brings decades of experience in manufacturing, product development, design, and business development, along with deep expertise in materials science, micro-scale manufacturing, machine design, and medical devices. Trio is committed to building a culture of integrity, passion, diversity, and service - to our customers, employees, investors, and the world.

Adam Steege, President, CTO

Previous founder of a startup making micro-surgical components, Adam has a BA, Mathematics and Physics from Carleton College and a BS, Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University. He has over 40 pending and issued patents. He has been working as an engineer, designer and entrepreneur for over 10 years in medical device development, automation, robotics, and manufacturing.

Mark Ward, VP, Business Development

Mark has over 30 years experience manufacturing, scaling, and selling medical device components at Britt Manufacturing, a company he founded and led for 26 years. Britt is a global leader in Metal Injection Molding (MIM), recognized for the highest quality and process capabilities in the industry.

Cathy Eldridge, COO

Cathy has an MBA and over 35 years of executive management experience. Her experience includes manufacturing plant manager at Procter & Gamble, CEO of AmeriCom Bank, Director of Small Business Center and management consultant to over 15 small companies and start-up ventures.

Dr. Ken Purchase, Chief Product Officer

Ken has 25 years in high-tech product development and commercialization, leading strategy, business development, engineering, and product management. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Photonics) from the University of Illinois, bringing experience in strategic partnerships, innovation management, and micromanufacturing.

Trusted Advisors

Experts in their respective fields

Trio is proud to work with and learn from our advisors, all internationally recognized as experts in their respective fields.


Stephen Nigro

Stephen is an industry veteran that brings four decades of professional experience. He was a member of the pioneering R&D team at HP that developed inkjet technology and the first inkjet products. Stephen lead many of HP’s innovations and business creations in the printing space. As President of 3D printing, Stephen established HP as a leader in 3D plastic printing with HP Multi Jet Fusion and launched their Metal 3D printing business using HP Metal Jet.

Randall German

Professor German is the leading expert in powder metallurgy and metal injection molding at San Diego State University. Professor German has secured more than $59 million in research funding, published over 1000 articles, 24 patents, and 18 books, including the most cited publications in sintering and powder metallurgy, “Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials Processing (2005)”.

Sundar Atre

Professor Atre is the Endowed Chair of Manufacturing and Materials at the University of Louisville. His current research in advanced materials and multi-scale manufacturing focus on additive manufacturing and powder injection molding of metal and ceramics. His research group, the Materials Innovation Guild, has generated over 160 publications, 7 issued and licensed patents, and over 20 intellectual property filings.

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